Warning! Direct road in the emergency room

10 February 2023, Friday

This year, in the SIS RT "Public Control" 3,681 notifications were published under the category "Maintenance of objects of the road network in winter", of which 2,784 notifications were resolved.
The largest number of notices was published in Kazan - 2,508 notices, Naberezhnye Chelny - 516 notices, Nizhnekamsky district - 87 notices, Almetyevsk district - 82 notices.

Unfortunately, the responsible executors are not always able to clean the roads and sidewalks from snow or ice in a timely manner, and to solve this problem, the inhabitants of the republic turn to us, after which the cleaning is carried out as soon as possible.

So, citizen G. turned to me with a request to clean the pavement from ice at the trauma center No. 20 on Adoratsky Street. According to the information provided by Uyutny Dom Management Company LLC, on February 8, the sidewalk was cleaned.

In the submitted photo report, you can also see successful examples of solving other appeals.

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