Saburskaya Sariya
420015, Kazan, K.Marks str., 61
Phone number:
(843) 236-41-80

Born on September 27, 1956 in Zelenodolsk. Graduated from Kazan State Pedagogical University majoring in "the teacher of history and social science" (1980) In 1974-78's–trainee of electric cars driver,administrative worker in Gorky factory in Zelenodolsk, senior pioneer leader of the school № 9. In 1978-82’s – educatorina “prolongedday” school group, teacher of history and social science of the school № 14 (Zelenodolsk). In 1982-88’s - on komsomol work. In 1988-93’s – manager of district education offices in Zelenodolsk. In 1993-2001’s - Deputy head of administration of Zelenodolsk district and the town Zelenodolsk on social and national issues, the head of the administration From August 2001 –head of social development Department ofthe Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan FromJuly 8, 2010 –the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic of Tatarstan Candidate of philosophical Sciences Honored school teacher of the RT, Excellent worker of education of the Russian Federation, Honored worker of social protection, Medal in memory of the 1000-anniversary of Kazan The merit medal of the all-Russian population censusin 2003, Breast plate of the State statistics Committee of Russia «For active participation in the all-Russia population census 2002», Medal "For valorous work" (2012) 

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