Ombudsman of Tatarstan Saria Saburskaya held a meeting with responsible executors in the SIS RT "Public control"

9 August 2022, Tuesday

Regular meetings with the heads of municipalities help to achieve the most effective work and allow to discuss problematic issues for identify solution. 
The Ombudsman of Tatarstan Sariya Saburskaya visited Verkhneuslonsky district, where she held a working meeting with the heads of Apastovsky, Buinsky, Verkhneuslonsky, Drozhzhanovsky, Kaybitsky, Kamsko-Ustyinsky and Tetyushsky districts and responsible executors in the SIS  RT “Public Control".
The discussed issues conserned to the improvement of yard areas, the construction of roads and the organization of traffic. During meeting, the special attention was paid to notifications that had not been resolved for a long time. 
The Ombudsman noted positive work of the executive committees, recommended not to violate of the deadlines of execution notifications and to timely post answer of a decisions.

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