Telephone "hotline" organized by the Ombudsman of Tatarstan.

9 December 2022, Friday

In order to identify problem areas and for active interaction with citizens, the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic of Tatarstan systematically conducts telephone “hotlines”.

The practice of holding telephone "hotlines" has long been popular among residents of Tatarstan. Another telephone "hotline" was devoted to the issues of observance of the rights of disabled people and people with disabilities. Citizens were given the opportunity to ask questions and get legal explanations of various aspects of law enforcement.

A total of 123 calls were received, which is statistically more than the number of calls in previous hotlines. Most of the applicants were concerned about the issue of providing the necessary technical means of rehabilitation for people with disabilities, increasing the number of vital medicines provided, and, of course, questions related to social security were often raised: subsidies, benefits and allowances.

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