Meeting to protect citizens’ right to high-quality medical care

10 July 2018, Tuesday

On July 10, 2018, the Commissioner for human rights in the Republic of Tatarstan, Sariya Saburskaya, took part in a working meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Leyla Fazleeva to protect the citizens' rights to quality medical care, with the participation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan, Marat Sadykov.

During the meeting, the most relevant issues were discussed by citizens in their complaints and identified by results of field meetings. Among them:

• availability of an entry to doctors through the portal of State and municipal services of the Republic of Tatarstan;

• organization of patients' admission;

medicinal provision of the privileged category of citizens;

• the ratio of the staffing table with the attached number of residents, as well as the increase in the children's population over the past 5 years;

• Staff shortage of pediatric physicians and specialist narrow specialists;

• introduction of additional opportunities in the electronic recording system, which would make it possible to ensure the accessibility of the record to doctors, simplify the recording procedure, thereby reducing the number of complaints and social tension among the population.

Some issues have been taken into consideration by the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic of Tatarstan and the Minister of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan.

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